2023 July Retrospective

This month I wrote about anaglyphs and created a tiny interactive image difference viewer for the blog, since I’ve been posting quite a lot of content that process images or just need to show visual difference in one way or another lately.

I also added a few more banners to the blog, because I was getting tired of rotating between the same seven or so for the past couple of years. This of course adds zero value for anyone reading the blog through their favorite RSS reader. Oh, well, still worth it.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

My next step is to uncover the entire map in the depths in the hopes of actually being able to complete the quest that will lead to the shrine sensor. Following the statues is just not working for me and I don’t want to start looking up guides and tutorials, at least not yet anyway!

As you can see in the short clip above, I still have quite a long way to achieve this. For me when it comes to this game (and it was also the case with BoTW) it’s not about just quickly running through the story and boom, be done with it, but rather explore every nook and cranny at my own pace.

Needless to say, I will be playing and savoring it for many months to come.

In addition to ToTK, I’ve also been playing quite a lot of Soulstone Survivors, which is one of the better balanced and less-buggy Vampire Survivors clones currently out there on Steam.