2024 June Retrospective

Just like in May, I must ask the same age old question, where did June go? The weeks and months are flying by like no tomorrow. Or perhaps this is just the one of first signs of the infamous midlife-crisis? It’s hard to tell, but if you end up seeing me posting about fast cars, then at least you’ll not be totally taken by surprise.


But on a more serious note, keeping up with the tradition of picking a theme of some kind each month, this month I picked the horror-comedy titled Tarot.

It should be pretty clear by now to pretty much everybody that I am a horror movie buff of some kind. I feel like it was quite a missed opportunity not to release the actual tarot deck used in the movie.

What’s in the oven?

Considering that half the year is gone, I think it’s fair to ask what am I cooking?

The past year and a half I’ve written about things like anaglyphs, noise generation, etc; each of those posts was accompanied with full source that I just shared within the post itself.

I would like to collect all these and release them in a unified repository as it doesn’t make sense to spin up one repository per utility. Besides, I have quite a few more in mind that I’d like to write about and share, which would make the collection grow quite a bit.

Let’s see if I can make this happen in July. Don’t want to make any hard promises.