2024 May Retrospective

Where did may go? Hell, where did half the year go? That’s a much better question to as I suppose.

Tears of the Kingdom

The first thing to note is that it’s been roughly a year since the launch of Tears of the Kingdom. And, I must confess that I still haven’t even scratched the surface of the game.

The hype has pretty much died down and disappeared at this point, which is a bit weird, because one would have thought that the building mechanic might make the game more ephemeral.

Obviously, this would have also warranted constant updates, literally turning the game into more of a live-service type-of-a-deal, which is not something that Nintendo had in mind for the franchise; it’s totally understandable and relatable.

Dark Matter

There’s nothing I hate more than multiple series or movies that have absolutely nothing to do with each other using the same name. Okay, I do hate the idiotic so called eco-friendly plastic bottle cup design in the EU more, but that’s a discussion (or post?) for another day.

That said, the “new” Dark Matter series is pretty good, and besides who wouldn’t do absolutely anything and everything for someone like Jennifer Connelly?

The prestigious club of so called men of culture will wholeheartedly and unanimously agree with me on this one. Right? I think so too.

Because I am not a cruel person, I’ll link the trailer of the previous incarnation of Dark Matter for your very own pleasure. Who said that chivalry is dead?

The Neuralink Compression Challenge kind of took Twitter (yes, I am still calling it that!) by surprise and generated nothing short of a whirlwind.

Achieving 200x lossless compression does seem a bit out there. Okay, not a bit, but a lot. However, when did impossible or ridiculous stop anyone from trying?

I know what you are thinking. Don’t say it, please! I might join in the fun, but considering that I am in a phase where even my side-projects have side-projects, I don’t want to haphazardly just throw yet another one into the pot, because I might need to go buy bigger pot pretty soonish, if I am not careful.