2024 January Retrospective

January started out pretty much as bad as I expected that it would. With mass layoffs at several companies, which pretty much reinforces my intuition from last year insofar that the actual financial crisis hasn’t even started yet in earnest; and when it finally does, it will make the one from way back 2007-2008 look like a nice dreamy-holiday.

It’s not all doom and gloom of course. Things are never truly black and white, there’s always a lot of shades of gray in between. Just like when one walks around in an old ex-communist neighborhood anywhere in the so called Eastern Bloc.

In other news, I intend to continue scribbling even more than last year. I have a fair few interesting topics lined up already. Some of them, I just never gotten to way back in December. So stay tuned.

37signals announced sometime at the tail end of last year if I am not mistaken. The announcement itself was kind of vague, but as the launch date of the so called first once product came closer, it became clear what was the proverbial fuss all about.

The buy once and run on your own server model is definitely not a revolutionary concept by any stretch of the imagination, but with the current state of the market it might just work better than usual.

One interesting tidbit that caught my attention when it comes to all this is the fact of using sqlite as a database for a non-desktop/local-app in so called production mode. And, to make this even more interesting, in a chat-app no less, where there will be a lot of concurrent writes.

Truth be told I never put sqlite to any sort of a concurrent-writes benchmark or test, but now it’s definitely an item on my ever growing backlog of things to play around with.

American Nightmare

The only interesting thing I ended up watching this month was the American Nightmare mini-series.