2023 June Retrospective

This month I ended up writing about branchless line drawing, which was just a tiny side project that came out of a shower thought that I had a few weeks back.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

I am around 62 hours into the game and it still feels like I just scratched the surface. So far, I focused on uncovering the entire surface level map by finding all the towers, and having full stamina. Which means that I found quite a lot of the shrines without having the shrine sensor.

One thing that I consider as a minor gripe is that in order to get your shrine sensor and autobuild ability, you have to do some elaborate quests in the depths. Would be interesting to see some stats around how many people finished the game without going through the trouble of getting them.

The next step is to start getting some hearts, because rolling with only 6 isn’t cutting it anymore. Oh and would be nice to start enchanting some of the armor sets at the great fairies for a wee bit of extra oomph.

Oh and is it just me, or the blood moons are happening a lot more often now, compared to Breath of the Wild?