FreeDOS and Floppy Bird

Going to start the year off with a rather unexpected banger. Many moons ago, during the great year of 2014, I released Floppy Bird, a boot-able clone of the infamous Flappy Bird written in 16-bit assembly.


A while later, I added an M$-DOS compatible version in the form of a .COM executable weighting a whopping 8704 bytes, or 8.5 kilobytes. Could have probably saved a few more bytes, oh well!

Needless to say it has gotten a fair bit of attention in its early days, but never would have ever imagined that it would end up being bundled as a game with FreeDOS.


I only found out about this last night and absolutely by accident, when YouTube ended up recommending me the official FreeDOS channel.

What a totallly unexpected surprise. Starting the year off on the right foot, amirite?