2022 February Retrospective

Yet another month is behind me, but this one had a little bit more of a significance, because it happened to be the month I gracefully did age++ like a true pro that I am.

So, what has transpired? Well, I know that I said that there won’t be too many side-projects to distract me from working on what I ended up calling the OLEN Games Toolkit, BUT and that’s a BIG but …

Well, I decided to build a small boot-able as well as MS-DOS compatible Wordle clone. I know, I know, isn’t it a bit too late for that? Yes, and no, because the hype didn’t die out completely yet. And besides, I really wanted to do something like this yet again, considering that the last time I’ve done it, well it was was ages ago now, back in good old 2014 when I released Floppy Bird, my boot-able Flappy Bird clone.

In other news, also picked up work on the USDZ exporter that I’ve built a proof of concept of late last year. This is written in C#, with no third party dependencies and its primary purposes is to be used within Unity and to be fully compatible with WebGL builds.

Once I have it in a good and usable shape, I’ll write a dedicated post about it, because the USDZ format, let’s just say that it’s one of the worst formats out there. But more on that later, so don’t drop your pants just yet.

Other than that, I also started to make some progress on the foundation library of the OLEN Games Toolkit. Once again, more on that later, when I actually have some juicy technical details to share.