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Multi-planetary species (Part 1)

written on January 08, 2018

In this series of posts, I intend to go through a number of issues (some more pressing than others) that will likely need to be addressed in one form or another before we can embark on the journey of becoming a multi-planetary species.

I'll start with something easy, which is almost there and ready for prime time. Our multi-planetary all in one communication system, in other words the internet.

Why I am saying that it's "almost" there? Well, there are two important reason for that.

First, we have to make sure that everybody on this piece of rock is connected, because right now only about 47% of the peoples of Earth have access to the internet. The situation is getting better by the day, but it has to start improving at a lot faster pace.

Second, we need to figure out and build a FTF (read: "faster-than-fiber") network, considering that Mars is around 13 light minutes away, our current so called technology stack is just not going to do it, the latency will be just way too high for any sort of real time communication, which is absolutely crucial for any sort of a colony, civilian or otherwise.

We do not want our precious colony on Mars to suffer the fate of the colony on LV-426, do we now? I better call Trump now and tell him that, NUKING FROM ORBIT, is not a realistic solution for the Martian problem.