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Operation ShareCraft

written on April 18, 2012

I just wanted to write a quick post about this event that is going on for some time now.

In one humble sentence the OpShareCraft's goal is to raise $1 million American dollars for children in Africa.

Team Kick-ass

The team behind this is composed by Athene, Tania, Reese, Vanessa and last but not least the ultimate troll mistress Marraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll with a red spot on her little nose. (as of now it's disappearing!)

If you don't know who Athene is and you don't care then at least check it out for the sake of Maral.

Media Coverage and Awareness

The Live Stream is quite popular among the gamer community, but it definitely needs more media coverage in order raise awareness.

I still feel that it is not getting enough attention compared to other LESS important things that have gone viral before.

Athene is on a hunger strike right now (water only, as of now day 4), let's hope that it will help to accelerate things a wee bit.

Why should you/we care?

There are only 74 days remaining now, every single dollar matters. This $1 million won't automatically solve the issues in Africa, because those issues require systemic changes (education, infrastructure, etc), but it will definitely help A LOT and it's a HELL of a bootstrap for many children in need.

Obviously the easiest way to 'attract' people and convince them to do something is to give out something else in exchange, the good old barter system you know.

Therefore all donations of $10 or more are eligible to win Razer gear.

Also, depending on the amount you donate, you can make a special request to be performed by some members of the team, or the whole team.

Make sure you to request Maral to do the 'robot dance' :P