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Why women should not work?

written on September 15, 2011

Right, you read it just right, in my humble opinion women should not work. Why is that?

I always had this idea or at least as long as I know myself.

Let's set something straight before we jump into this. "... the should not work" premise doesn't imply the fact that the place of women is in the kitchen. Hell no! Nobody ever said that.

The reason why I'm saying this is quite simple, women should focus on the things that are important to them, the things that make them happy and feel good about themselves, the things they are excited and passionate about, if for some reason or another work as in official settings happens to be this thing and they want to work, that's just awesome, but if not then they JUST DO NOT HAVE TO.

MEN's primary purposes are to provide women with the (at the very least!) following:

Whenever I bring this up in social circles, I get mixed reactions, but surprisingly everybody seems to be opposed or rather scared which is very weird.

All I'm saying is ... my girlfriend or possible wife will never have to work if she doesn't want to. Simple as that, nothing fancy, yet it clearly shows how sick our society has become after all these years of so called enlightenment.

As a result, some of the not so polite reactions sound like ...

What the fuck? You can't let women do what they want ...

... the somewhat polite ones sound like ...

How lucky she is!

The simple fact of not having to work has nothing to do with human rights or taking away rights from women, obviously these misconceptions have been coined by the feminist fundamentalists and burned into the modern women's brain.

I'm not going to tackle the idea of earning money here, I briefly did that in my long Marriage and Productivity post.

On a different note, like I said before I had this idea since forever and then by accident I stumbled across an interview, Jennifer Byrne interviewing my Hero Christopher Hitchens.

Guess what? I was amazed by the fact that Christopher shared the very same views. Pure coincidence you may say.

Don't be so bold! This is just another example of the fact that WE anti-theists, we don't need/have to go to Church every Sunday morning in order to reassure and validate ourselves about our values and morals.

We don't even need to know or meet each other in order to be driven by the same forces towards the very same goals.

Again, the questions about morality and religion deserve several posts on their own, but as a rule of thumb I would like to stay away from getting into these for a while. In the meantime feel free to checkout Christopher's existing material concerning this subject.

This post wasn't really about convincing people, nor to bring considerable evidence which could sustain my claims, but a rather clichesque raw dump of thoughts which happened to keep my mind busy for years.