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Private Schools and Education

written on October 24, 2011

I wanted to write about this for a while but never really get around to; it's more like a mash-up of thoughts and ideas so do not expect anything coherent or heaven forbid something that will stand in a court room.

The idea of private schools and words like selling something worthwhile like Education frighten me, for good reasons, I can actually back this up as you'll notice below.

How on Earth did we get to this? Is this what our forefathers fought for? Of course not, this is the result of grandiose capitalist ideas and perceptions about the world.

We are going to save the World, yada, yada, yada. There will be no poor, etc.

Or even better ...

Private schools will raise up the bar when it comes to education.

... going as far as (searching for the needle in the sac!) ...

Our current public school system is not working and it fails to fulfill the needs of our students.

I'm pretty sure you heard at least some of these in some shape or form maybe even phrased in a different manner in order to appear less intrusive to the untrained eye or ear.

Criticizing the public school system or state school system you name it, is the elemental mistake and surprisingly this is the first argument that comes up regardless of the country in question.

How pathetic is that? It's so pathetic that it's not even funny.

I'm not bashing capitalism, nor competition. Competition is awesome and it's necessary in order to keep things on the right track, BUT not when it comes to EDUCATION.

Education is and must be totally independent and universal without limits imposed by the state, boards of trustees and other virgin wankers who have pedophile tendencies when looking at 4th graders.

In today's modern society private schools are like corporations and actually can be profitable.

Neat isn't it? They have to pay all those hard working (cough, cough) teachers right? Hell no!

Knowledge and education by definition are core values and the base foundation stones of any civilization, it's our duty as human beings to keep it that way, to keep it free and accessible to anyone, regardless of nationality, race and social or financial condition.

Putting a price on education by creating private schools and selling books at ultra high prices is the number one fundamental mistake which does nothing else but widens the social rift at the expense of being profitable tarnishing the true secular values.

How perverted this is, think about for a second. Nowadays, teachers are complaining all the time about not earning enough, schools don't have the necessary resources for normal operation and the list can go on.

Any teacher who ever dares to raise even just the idea of getting paid or money doesn't deserve to be called anything else but a complete and total BASTARD and has no place in a classroom with absolutely no exceptions.

If you don't do it for the students, if you don't give out your heart and soul for the students then ultimately you cannot and have no rights to teach the students.

But what does it mean to teach somebody? Teaching is more than just memorizing like a robot and then spitting it out quickly with no feelings to a group of untrained individuals and hoping that they might learn or retain something from all that.

That's not teaching, even monkeys do a far better job than that.

Teaching is all about hinting and guiding, you are not creating clones or instances of your very self, but rather projecting yourself into those individuals who chosen you as their teacher, directly, indirectly or even by pure chance because they just want to experience something new and unknown.

You cannot teach somebody unless you can teach yourself, unless you know how to learn.

Did it ever cross your mind that young folks finish up their studies and after 16 years of education realize that they know absolutely nothing, but they got their pride by graduating from some super-duper-school and that's where their solace comes from; it will definitely look good in their CV, plus their mom can tell the whole neighborhood about it. How idyllic isn't it?

Hell, they don't even know how to learn after all those years; I see this all the time and it's such a shame.

Private schools are supposed to have a better staff and implicitly better students, right? Let me break the news for you, THEY DON'T.

Who are we to decide who deserves this or that and who is eligible or not? Some students (coming from families with considerably wealth) of these private schools take this for granted, for them it's like they had to go there by definition, while for others (coming from the middle-class or below) it's a privilege and it's very likely that they can afford it only via student aid and scholarships; just to be there, just because some cock sucker asshole said that super-duper-school is so professional and it's better than XYZ, it's the path to instant enlightenment and you'll walk out as a pure genius after graduation.

At what cost? What's the catch? All you have to do is to pay for all the services just like in the strip club around the next corner so you can get a lap dance by some fucking tired and worn out Eastern European immigrant whore at 6 AM.

Since when did education become a service? It's almost like a BUZZ word nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if we'd start hearing education as a service in a month or two.

We'll sell our mothers and sisters for education.

We don't need to reinvent education to suit the so called emerging modern world or to make it fit into some idealistic capitalist story, all we have to do is to embrace it, protect it and recognize it as one of the most precious gems of mankind.

The long term solution is creating a unified system (or network if you please) and most definitely not spawning even more private schools.