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Happy Birthday

written on May 23, 2010

First of all Happy Birthday (++) to my special, unique and very lovely fiancee Valeria. :D

The soundtrack is Flying on the Wings of Steam by Chris Vrenna. (For obvious reasons, I cannot redistribute it).

LD Prototype

LD Prototype is a (portable) mini framework I wrote for Ludum Dare 17, but I didn't manage to finish the intended game, mostly because I spent all my time writing the 'framework' from scratch. Waiting for Ludum Dare 18 :P ...

Don't expect too much, but it's definitely OK for small prototypes. It has all the basic stuff like wrappers for texture, shader and geometry handling, abstract renderer, simple math classes, etc.

It has a couple of design flaws, but hey this is most definitely not production quality code by no means :)

Look into my garden

Valeria's birthday was approaching, so I decided to play around with some Bezier curves and code this small demo before releasing the framework to the general public.

I like to give credit where credit is due, my primary source of inspiration was the Sunflower demo; I re-used/borrowed a couple of textures from there.

(Horrible sync and camera handling, you won't believe it until you see it for yourself :P)

The whole source code is on GitHub and can be reached by clicking right here .

PS: Steampunk piece of shit :P

OK, OK ... I'm off now ... you know ... sleep is a very very good substitute for Coke. sigh

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