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WebGL is trendy ...

written on April 11, 2010


I'm a hardcore C/C++ programmer, but when I do 'web' my all time favorite is JavaScript; however I tend to take JavaScript to the extreme by doing OOP, this confuses 99% of the 'web' dudes who have no idea about optimizations or just pretty much copied JavaScript from all their lives without ever knowing what's going on.

Soooooooo, drum rolls ... I'm here to announce Mini3D a small 3D engine written in pure JavaScript, built on the top of WebGL which uses the canvas element and it's part of the HTML5 standard.

Rant Begin

I should have rather spent time working on Lera3D instead, but after seeing the Quake2 port to WebGL and being pissed off by CopperLicht which is basically a subset of the crappy irrLicht ported to JavaScript and WebGL, I decided to build a 100% free alternative myself.

Rant End

Mini3D itself is fairly simple, yet written in a very elegant manner without any 3rd party libraries; it's quite light-weight. It has a modular design, so it's relatively easy to stick in a new module which can make use of other existing modules.

To run this piece of shit you will need an unstable build of Chrome, Safari or Firefox. I'd recommend Chrome, because it seems to be ahead of the time and the WebGL implementation is quite solid (at least so it seems under Linux).


The development of Mini3D took barely two weekends so don't expect too much, but it's quite usable already and abstracts most of the required functionalities well enough; the primary reason was to simplify things and provide boilerplate code so the programmer can focus on the 'demo' or 'game' itself rather than writing miles of code every single time ...

The 'low' level part is ready (more or less), now higher level stuff can be built on the top of it.

This is a very very early version, but this time I stick to 'Release early, release often'.


Click on the images above to start the demos. You will need a WebGL enabled browser in order to watch them; for more information about how to get a WebGL enabled browser please consult the following documentation .

Source Code

The source is on GitHub, and can be found right here .

Feel free to fork it, hack it and submit a pull request. Your contributions are more than welcome.

Be sure to checkout the documentation as well.

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