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Instant Coffee

written on March 20, 2010


The idea behind Instant Coffee was born yesterday when I was looking for some awesome editor with What You See Is What You Get capabilities and built-in support for Markdown .

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

I took John Fraser's Showdown which is a Javascript port of Markdown, built a desktop app which loads it into a QWebView and adds some basic operations like open, save, export as html, etc.

Since I switched to a Jekyll generated blog, I write all my posts in Markdown , but I wanted instant visual feedback to see how my text looks like as I'm typing ... here we are.

This is a prototype, but it's perfectly enough for my basic editing needs, feel free to fork it, hack it, then submit a pull request; any contribution is more than welcome!

The source code can be found on GitHub as usual right here .

Instant Coffee is another prime example, just like SexyGrep of converting a web app into a desktop app using QT and WebKit, we really don't need Adobe Air and other proprietary bullshit.

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