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Lemon Tea Update

written on March 12, 2010


It was about time for a status update regarding Lemon Tea. I'm trying to keep it simple and not over engineer it, because this is mainly a prototype and later is to be decided if it is worth continuing and transforming it into a full blown World Editor for Lera3D.



I'm going to blend this with the update just not to make another totally separate post. (I'm lazy sigh)

This morning I noticed Syntensity's author's new post on the development blog about re-licensing Syntensity under a more permissive BSD like license.

I'm interested in this matter because I'm about to release Lemon Tea and then Lera3D sometime in the near future and choosing a good license is vital, because it can affect the adoption; a non-favorable license might totally reduce the interest.

I'm kind of falling for GPLv3 even if that's going to lead to a huge fragmentation, but at least it guarantees that nobody will just take a fork and turn it into closed source; on the other hand this would make it impossible to use it in any kind of commercial application, but this can be solved if the commercial licenses are negotiated on a case-to-case basis, so Indies could get a license for a much lower price than a full blown game studio with 30 full-time employees.

Just like good old Richard Stallman said, those who promote Open Source and Free Software they do not promote it with the freedom as the reason why.

I uploaded two episodes from the Go Open source campaign on Vimeo (feat. Richard Stallman) .

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