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Prototype3D announcement

written on February 21, 2010


Prototype3D is a real time shader editor and demo tool all in one. Why another shader editor / designer?

There aren't any good shader editors under Linux or MacOSX for that matter, besides that I really wanted to do this for a long long time.

Prototype3D is NOT using my cross-platform 3D engine and framework codename Lera3D, although they have some traits in common when it comes to the back-end rendering architecture.


I'm using QT for absolutely everything, from Math to Scripting and Audio. No additional third party libraries have been or will be used.

QT's Math classes are quite nice, the Trolls did a nice job in that area.


Hmm ... this is the most interesting part ... as always. Sooo ... I will dual license it, GPLv3 and BSD.

How does it looks like?

Here it is an early screenshot.

Everything is subject to change in a way or another, but as of now this is how is it looks like.

What's next? When it will be released?

I will post more details later on as I make progress (feature set, how to contribute, etc).

There is no specific release date at the moment; the first version is expected to be released during the next few weeks (2-3!).