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Qt Creator - best thing since sliced bread

written on May 31, 2009

Today, I started again my never ending race for the perfect cross platform IDE (duhh, instead of working on Lera :P), and stumbled across Qt Creator. I was quite sceptical while waiting for the "binary" version to install, but once it was installed BOOOOOOMMM!!!!

QtCreator is fully modular, everything is a plugin and it has an pleasant and very very clean interface, besides that its speed is comparable to a naked GEdit with a few plugins ( this is what I was using until now ).

Then I did a simple project and included (without generating any tag database etc ), some files form Lera3D and the code completion worked out of the box (CodeLite is close to this, but I hate the Scintilla editor component).

After this, it was clear ... I WANT THE SOURCE code ... haha, so I headed over Gitorious and "forked" (cloned) the repository in order to make my own changes and eventually submit them to the "official" master branch.

The first thing I added is a persistent settings dialog for the "Generic Project" wizard, in order to allow to follow symbolic links when creating a new project.

I like to keep my "framework" separately from the actual projects using the "framework", this way when something changes in the framework I don't need to bother updating the various copies, this is where Symbolic Links come into the scene.

Click to see the bigger version.

Another thing I would like to add (in the near future) is the ability to "add directories" to a project instead of just manually selecting files.

Here is my "cloned" repository, where I will push all my changes.

UPDATE: Sept 17, 2009 -- REMOVED THE FORK!

The original "master" branch is here:

Oh, and I "ported" over the "Desert" color scheme from Gedit, and set the default font to Droid Sans Mono ( but you already noticed that from the screenshot ) :P

From now on Qt Creator is definitely my IDE of choice, even though I don't have any QT based projects at the moment.

It can work with Scons as well, all we need is a simple "wrapper" makefile like this:

scons -Q -j3 nocolors=1
scons -c nocolors=1
distclean: clean
realclean: clean

.PHONY: all clean distclean realclean

(Qt Creator seems to be the only viable enemy to Visual Studio at the time being)

Update: Nov 17, 2009

Desert Theme Port

Oblivion Theme Port