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Epiphany + WebKit = meh{}

written on September 22, 2008

I'm one of those who are waiting for the Linux version of Chrome. I downloaded Chrome and even compiled and ran the executable which tests the sub-systems, amazing! lol

Today, I grabbed Epiphany and Webkit trying to see if I can get something similar to Chrome ... lol well, they both compiled, etc, but it's not really stable. Maybe because of the nightly build of WebKit, or maybe because Epiphany's Webkit support is still experimental.

Compiling WebKit took around 30 minutes on my Dual Core @ 1.8ghz ... what a monster!!!

In overall, it's really fast and the rendering is good as far as WebKit can go with the rendering, the fonts are a bit crappy though, with both the FreeType and Pango backend.

I think that I'll give it another try later on ... lol until then viva Firefox 3.0, and waiting for Chrome :D

Happy Compiling! :)