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How to fix broken folder icons in Ubuntu?

written on August 30, 2008

This have been hauting me for some time now, and finally i found out an easy solution which works.

The key is to edit the index.theme file usually located in /home/[username]/.icons/[theme-name] ( after the theme is installed, but it can be done before installing and then just re-pack the patched version to use it right away ) and changing the "inherits=gnome" line to "inherits=none", then copying gnome-fs-directory.png to folder.png and finally reloading the theme.

The location of the gnome-fs-directory.png is dependent on how each individual theme is organized, so there no exact location for it, but it's there inside the theme directory.

One of my favorite icon themes is the "Glossy Glass" . You can grab it right here .

Probably the best way is to re-pack the theme after, to avoid repeating these if you wanna use the same icon theme on another machine, or you re-install your system, etc.

It seems easy when you already know the solution huh? haha :))