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Mono Spaced Font Hunting ...

written on June 28, 2008

I do lots of coding in different languages and under Linux, I use the excellent light-weight GEdit. It's really important to find a color scheme + font which really suits your needs, because you need a pleasant environment to work in on day to day basis.

I found the theme, which is the text-mate like "DarkMate" ( if I remember well I posted about this one ), as for the font I was oscillating between "MonoSpace" and "DejaVu Sans Mono" ... here they are side by side:


DejaVu Sans Mono

Well, there is no big difference between the two, but recently I stumbled across the "Droid Sans Mono", here is a screenshot:

This has that smoothed MacOSX like font look, so this is definitely the droid I was looking for so long!

Since is it distributed under the Apache license, I also uploaded a copy just in case it disappears from the other locations. You can grab it right here .

Happy Coding!