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Sphere Cubes

written on October 02, 2008

The "Holograms" demo group released a demo named "Temptation" at SceneCon 2008, in which there was an very very nice looking yet simple effect.

Here you can see this "Sphere Cubes" effect using my 3D engine, codenamed 'Lera3D'.

( the guys left in the code for this, so I just made it more object oriented and C++ like, the heritage of Delphi (Object Pascal) is clearly visible in their code -- I'm saying this being an Delphi developer myself too for a long time )

I'm also planning to take this further, by making the whole effect to "pulse" on music, and adding a few post processing effects like motion and radial blur, just to name a few, eventually making a basic music player out of it.

Since "Lera3D" is not open source yet, I'm providing the source code only for the "client". You can see the source code by clicking here .

More on this later ...