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Bitjam Music Diskz

written on October 12, 2008

Music Diskz are core part of the 'demo scene'. Here are two .... ermmm actually three of my new favorites :D

Bitjam Vol. 1.1

This is quite a big download, 657229824 bytes = 626.8 mega bytes. Grab it here .

( the 3D cover preview was made with the DVD-Cover python script for GIMP )

Bitjam RMX 001

No strings attached, this one is still big ... around 137 mega bytes. Grab it here .

Jailhouse Voices

( don't forget about the F9 - F10 trick during the "intro" if you wanna extract all the tracks )

Again, no strings attached, ufff ... a bit smaller ... around 74 mega bytes. Grab it here .

Enjoy indefinitely :)