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More Common Ubuntu 7.10 problem fixes :))

written on November 03, 2007

Today I found solutions to two other frequent problems with Ubuntu and newer laptops.

1). When the headphone jack is plugged in the sound doesn't stops in the internal speakers.

2). Getting hardware acceleration enabled with the 'problematic' Geforce Go 7300.

When "envy" done, will ask you if you wanna let him to modify the "xorg.conf" -- answer yes to this question, then it will ask if you want to reboot -- chose yes again.

Now, if everything worked well, you should get to the "login" screen. If anything goes wrong just copy back the backed up "xorg.conf" and restart just X or the whole machine.

How to check if we have 3D acceleration? Well that's quite simple ... in a terminal type: "glxinfo | grep -i "direct" "

If you get "direct rendering: yes" then you can celebrate and you have 3D acceleration, if you get something else, then you may have to digg, and modify your xorg.conf, because there are big chances that the problem is in there.

Also to check the 3D in action, type "glxgears" in a terminal window. :)) Enjoy :)

Regarding to issue number two, I tried: Unreal Tournament 2003 (with all the details to maximum), OpenArena,Sauerbraten (a.k.a Cube2), just to name a few, and they all worked very very well :)